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The state of Rhode Island or better known as RI is known for its designs and fine quality of jewelry.

It is also surrounded by many bays and inlets. Craigslist RI offers an easy way for the people of Rhode Island to encourage commerce and trade with one another.

The website extends to both the buyer and seller. Its efficient interface makes the entire process smoother.


The website is sectioned off into different categories. The user can directly and without any digression reach out for their specific requirements.

If you are a good writer and are looking for jobs in that sector, you can find one for yourself without any problem.

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Craigslist Community

If there is a cause or a movement that you are passionate about? Want to become a part of a community that feels the same?

The Craigslist RI Community section allows you to find people online in your region that could participate in events with you.

Craigslist Housing

Are you looking for a roommate or want housing that is easier on the pocket?

The Craigslist RI Housing section is perfect for you!

Those looking for a place to stay can easily find an option out of hundreds. Housing options include shared room, apartments, vacation rentals etc.

Craigslist Jobs

Are you in need of an employee for a job at your company? Simply post an advert on the Craigslist RI Jobs section and list your requirements.

Those that are interested in your offer can contact you. There are a diverse range of adverts posted.

You can register for a job in any sector of your own choice. You can choose to work in government or marketing etc.

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Craigslist Services

Are you a trained makeup artist that could teach as well as offer your service to someone?

Look for potential customers by posting an advertisement on the Craigslist RI Services category. Negotiate with them at your own price and time.

Craigslist For Sale

Are you trying to make some quick money by selling off your jewelry?

You can plainly post an advert on the Craigslist RI For Sale section and then converse with interested buyers.

If you are looking to buy something, you can choose something to your liking from the same section

Craigslist Discussion Forum

Do you consider yourself to be good at debating and arguments?

The Craigslist RI Discussion forum is ideal for those that want to have conversations on different topics. Topics such as gaming and religion.

Craigslist Gigs

Gigs are a great way to earn a little extra money. You can start looking for gigs by going through the Craigslist RI Gigs section.

Choose one that you think is adequate for you. Gigs like cooking, bartending etc. are available.

Craigslist Resume

Are you good at what you do? If yes, post a resume that encapsulates your abilities in a sufficient manner on the Craigslist RI Resume category on the website.

The website is visited daily by a number of people. Upon coming across your resume, companies can reach out to you themselves.

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