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27 Oct 2020

Craigslist Jobs

Craigslist Jobs

craigslist jobs

Do you want to find an easy way of landing a high salaried job? And are you looking for a website that gives you complete access to contact the employers and convince them to hire you?

Craigslist Jobs can be one of the best options to carry out your research and find out about jobs that best suit your skills and personality.

This website invites employers to post about a number of jobs and lets the potential candidates apply in the areas of their expertise by sending in their resumes as well as previous work experience.

Job Categories

The craigslist website contains a number of categories regarding specific jobs, it helps the users to find a category of their interest.

The following are the main categories of jobs listed by the Craigslist.

Accounting+financeAdmin / OfficeArch / Engineering
Art / Media / DesignBiotech / scienceBusiness / mgmt
Customer serviceEducationEtc / Misc
Food / bev / hospGeneral laborGovernment
Human ResourcesLegal / ParalegalManufacturing
Marketing / pr / adMedical / HealthNonprofit Sector
Real EstateRetail / WholesaleSales / Biz Dev
Salon / Spa / FitnessSecuritySkilled Trade / Craft
Software / qa / dbaSystems / NetworkTechnical Support
TransportTV / Film / videoWeb / Info Design
Writing / Editing


This category includes the work for people who are interested in pursuing their career in the field of accountancy, loan processing, bookkeeping, tax preparation, accounts coordinator, cashier, and personal assistant, etc.


The admin jobs are often advertised on the craigslist, It includes jobs like Clerk, office management, assistantships, data entry jobs, sales assistant, customer service, etc.


Architects and engineers can get themselves hired by private companies or agencies, by contacting them through Craigslist.

Some examples of such jobs include structural engineering vacancies, protection engineering, Mechanical engineering or civil engineering jobs.

Art / media / design

Artists especially photographers are often approached by people on craigslist, the main jobs listed in this category are clay art, musical instruments playing, or photo producers.

biotech / science

If you are a biotech expert, you can find out the science projects that sound interesting to you, the common jobs include lab assistants, research assistants or science experts.

business / mgmt

Have a business degree and don’t know where to gain the relevant experience from?

Apply for the fields of Supply Chain analysis, store management, or consultant management on Craigslist.

customer service

Many students who are good at handling customers, and form a good client base, get hired through the platform of craigslist.

The main job opportunities in this category include dispatch analyst, dealership valet or customer care representative.


If you are passionate about teaching, and sharing your knowledge with others, then look no further, Craigslist provides the best options for you.

Some examples of a career in education include daycare teachers,

etc / misc

Still unable to find a job that suits you best? Craiglist offers a wide range of even more options that there is bound to be something for you.

Food / bev / hosp

If you love serving food and delivering food to people, or think you could be the best fit for hotel staff, apply for the food and beverage hospitality section in the Craigslist.

There are a number of jobs for bartenders and servers listed.

General labor

Labor is commonly always in demand, and if you want to find a laboring job from home, go to craigslist and you can find the options of driving, lawn mowing jobs, traffic controller and service technician.


If you think you possess leadership skills, you can get into government jobs and lead the people through effective policies and work for the development of your country.

An example of the jobs available on craigslist are environmental activists.

Human resources

This category includes management of the human resources in a company, such tasks include recruiting staff, or managing staff, interviewing candidates, etc.


If you belong to the legal profession and want to work with a law firm as a paralegal or lawyer, find more opportunities on the craigslist.

You can work as a freelance lawyer, or an attorney, etc.


These jobs include manufacturing products, it can either be in a factory or a mill.

Examples of manufacturing jobs include metal finisher and assembler etc.

Marketing / pr / ad

Marketing jobs include advertising products by applying different strategies. These jobs include Assistant merchants, and copy manager jobs, etc.


Are you passionate about working in healthcare industry?

There are a number of options available to you such as working as a dentist in a dental hygiene clinic, or working as a chiropractor, etc.

Nonprofit sector

Nonprofit job is a great opportunity for people who want to work for social welfare, and are enthusiastic about welfare of their community.

Different companies post advertisements for job vacancies available in the nonprofit sector on the craigslist.

Real estate

One of the most profitable business today could be the one of real estate if you are interested in pursuing a career in real estate, apply today for the available vacancies on craigslist.


The retail jobs include shipping or delivery, coordinators or store managers, etc.

Sales/biz dev

Businessmen are always in need of new employers for developing their business and thus continue posting advertisements for sales and business development vacancies. Check the list today and start applying.

Salon / spa / fitness

Crazy about beauty and fitness? Or are you considering working in a spa or salon?

Check out the vacancies available in your region and contact the employer to get hired.


Do you need security for your office or home? Post an advertisement for hiring a security guard and wait for the right candidates to contact you.

Skilled trade/craft

Are you in possession of a skill or a craft that could potentially boost your income? Make a career out of your talent and start earning now!

Software / QA / dba

If you are good at software development or programming, you can find out about the latest fellowships, internships, and jobs for software engineering or software development.


It includes networking with different computer systems by IT experts. Some available jobs include power technician or services engineer.

Technical support

If your skills include helping people with technical support or help, getting into this job is the best idea. Apply for different IT jobs today.


A number of vacancies are available in Transport business and jobs such as truck drivers or public transportation drivers.

If you consider yourself to have relevant skills, wait no more and apply today.

Tv / film / video

Do you have what it takes to get into the tv/film industry?

Or you are skilled in video editing or photography, you can easily get employed through using the platform of craigslist.

Web/info design

Web designing jobs in today’s world can be very rewarding in terms of monetary profit.

Some examples of such jobs include entrepreneurs and WordPress web developers.


Do you consider writing to be one of your greatest talents? Earn money by writing and editing documents and articles.

You can find relevant jobs in the Craigslist writing section.

About Craigslist Jobs

The craigslist jobs are a quick and easy way to jumpstart your career and land your dream job today.

You can get relevant experience in your field through fellowships, internships and jobs.

It can lead you to get a high salaried job along with using your skills to gain experience in the field that interests you. Start today to develop expertise and start your career.